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2016 Baguettes baking Machine Equipment Innovation

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2016 briquettes packing machine in the production equipment of control actions such as moving, cutting, pressing, change speed, reaches the set temperature the material point in time and equipment, such as operating temperature, load, speed, continuity of assemblage changes arising from overlapping the curves difference will be helped by the quality of the finished product and backtracking to find difference part of adjust operating parameters best. Collection integration system of process information is to develop products and the best way to improve quality.

This product is a programmed machine, electricity, gas integration products, has the following characteristics.

1, the multi-function display and automatic fault monitoring and diagnosis technology, data communication interfaces (connected with the computer or printer) for easy site management and centralized control of management.

2, automatic bag, folding function can automatically guide bag seams and hems, and labor.

3, automatic sewing thread trimming function: photoelectric sensor automatic pneumatic trimming after sewing, labor-saving.

4, humanized design, conveyor automatic raising and lowering functions: depending on the weight and bag body height size and automatic transmission.

5, according to user needs special care.


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