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Apparatus for and method of pillow packing machine

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With the prosperity of all trades and professions,Packing machine for packaging also develop and continue to improve and innovate to meet people's demand for products.

A horizontal sealer for a vertical pillow type form-fill-seal packaging machine has a pair of horizontally elongated heater assemblies which are supported such that they remain horizontal as they individually rotate around mutually parallel axes.The distance between these axes are varied as the heater assemblies rotate around them such that the heater assemblies have generally D-shaped trajectories as they horizontally seal a tubularly formed thermoplastic flexible film material to make a bag.The pillow packing machine is controlled by double transducer,flexible cutting and setting of bag length,time and film saveable,and human-machine operation,convenient and quick parameter setting.  

Mechanisms are provided whereby the heating surfaces of the assemblies remain oriented in the same direction, the pressure applied to the film material can be controlled and the bag can be squeezed before the horizontal sealing such that articles being packaged will settle inside the bag. Separate PID control temperature,suitable for various packing materials. All the controls are achieved by software,convenient for function adjusting and upgrading.A similarly structured vertical sealer may be provided to a horizontal pillow type packaging machine.Stopping the machine in the selected position,no sticking to the knife and no waste packing film,and simple driving system,reliable working and convenient maintenance.pillow packing machine


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