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Automatic Bakery Machine

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Bread making process is time-consuming, whether there can be an automatic machine to complete replace it? Fortunately, we can choose many styles automatic bread machine.

Automatic bakery machine, general whose appearance resembles the household washing machine, but the volume is similar with a rice cooker. When in use, first use cup, measuring spoons to get the raw materials in proportion to the machine, cover the lid, set a time, start switch, first the bottom blade rotate to stir the ingredients; after fermentation and molding, start baking; after a total of about two hours, you can get delicious bread.

Function, price and quality for most of the bread machine are similar, the function summarized are the following points:

1.Microcomputer control: the internal curing process control process system, it only need put the ingredients into the bread barrel, the bread maker automatically complete the whole process; time can be appointed to make bread (such as night setting, adding the raw material, the very next day morning to eat fresh bread);

2.Multipurpose: it can be used for making bread, cake and jam, such as: ordinary bread, fruit breadFrench breadwhole wheat breadsweet bread, and surface, baking and other functions; different kinds of bread are with different processing sequence and time settings, generally the bread maker has about several to more than ten kinds of curing procedures.

3.You can choose the burning color of food according to the needs and preferences, such as "light", "medium" or "dark".

Dose the automatic bakery machine work well?

This is a subjective question. The main characteristic of bread maker is easy to use and it can save manpower cost for making bread and saves strength for kneading the dough. However, the bread made by automatic bakery machine is immutable and frozen and dull, and the bread skin may be slightly thick, but these do not affect that the bread machine can produce delicious bread. Therefore, whether it works well, different people have different ideas.

How to use the automatic bakery machine to make bread with different flavor?

You can through the different formulations and different fillings, such as all kinds of nuts: walnut, sesame seeds, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds and so on, especially the walnut, which can bring very delicious fragrance. Also you can use a cup of whole wheat flour to Nikko flour, add some milk powder to add fragrance, put some dried fruit to make some changes. Because the machine is different, agitation time and temperature are different, if you feel the skin is too hard, you can choose light burning color baking. When adding egg, we must reduce the amount of water and if you choose the milk, please do not add milk powder etc.......

Whether automatic bakery machine can break the bread making process?

This depends on the design of automatic bakery machine. Now after break the power supply, if you want to recovery, the system of a lot of bread machine can proceed. You can only use some functions such as kneading, or simply baking function. The detail things, your should see your bread maker instructions.

What is booking bread maker?

Assuming the bread making need 3 hours, then appoint a 11 hour bread at 8 o'clock in the evening, so the bread machine at 4 o’clock in the morning will begin to work, the next day at 7 o’clock it will complete the bread baking.

When booking the bread, how to set the ingredients?

Automatic bakery machine is very similar with the full automatic washing machine. It use barrel, which is coated with a non stick material. At the bottom of the barrel is a stirring piece, which is like the washing machine and outside the drum is the heating element, and surface, mixing (dough), fermentation and baking are all in the barrel. When placing the material, generally first put water, sugar, salt, milk and oil; the second step is to cover the flour on top, because there is a strong tension of flour, without stirring, flour is dissolved in water, flour water must be completely cover; finally put dry yeast on the flour (you can dig a hole with the hand carefully and don't dig to the surface). Dry yeast will not fermented if it doesn’t stick into water,. Therefore, unless it is the appointment time, fermentation process will not be started. When placing the material, if the yeast stuck to the water, the making of the bread will failure.

If the dough is too wet, whether can add the flour?

The making of the bread should accurately according to the formula, the adjustment range is small. Toast with much water, formulas adding additive, or those formulas containing more egg, the dough may be relatively wet. There is no problem for the bread maker to process wet dough. If in the later period of processing to knead the dough, manual processing, you can use flour to stick your hands and face, but do not add flour in the dough, especially the fermented dough.

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