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Bakery Equipment Maintenance

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Bakery Equipment Maintenance

The equipment you use in your bakery is just as important as the ingredients you use in your bakery, which is why maintaining your bakery equipment is vital.

By keeping your bakery equipment maintained, your equipment will last longer and function better.

There are some simple ways to protect the longevity of your baking equipment to help save you dollars and hours in the end.

Whether you are focused on maintaining a conventional oven, a dough divider, or a commercial mixer, all equipment can benefit from cleanliness. Ingredients can get caught on the cracks and crevices of your machines, whether it’s flour or frosting, and it’s important to clean any remnants  off the equipment to ensure it does not wear the equipment or cause it to malfunction if it is coated in old ingredients. Pay special attention to what the appropriate solution is to clean your baking equipment. Some equipment requires hot water to clean properly and some require dish soap to clean, make sure you know which one to use and how much of it.

To better maintain bakery equipment, be sure to pay special attention to how you store the equipment.

For instance, smaller items such as baking utensils should be stored in a drawer or holder. Bigger equipment that cannot be stored, such as a conventional mixer, can be covered to avoid dust or dirt settling onto the equipment. Any wooden kitchen materials, such as rolling pins for instance, should be dried properly before storing to prevent the water from settling into the wood.

Another effective way to maintain your bakery equipment is to preform preventive maintenance.

Preventive maintenance is when you provide maintenance before the equipment cannot function without having to make a major repair. Preventative maintenance includes things such as tightening loose parts, checking for any wear and tear, oiling parts that seem to be sticking, and making changes if you notice parts starting to malfunction. By diligently caring for your equipment before a major malfunction occurs, you will lessen your chances of the equipment breaking all together and becoming unrepairable or at the very least, an expensive fix.

Some other helpful hints to upkeep bakery equipment include having spare parts in stock that are fragile and known to break (such as belts or blades).

It is also important to know how to use your equipment, be sure to read the manual and follow proper protocol to make sure you are using the machine properly.

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