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Bread Industry Entry Mechanized Age

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Bread Industry Entry Mechanized Age

In recent years, with the improvement of residents' consumption level, baked goods such as bread have become more and more popular. There are many bakeries in the streets and there are many types of bread. Bread is mostly made of wheat flour and yeast with appropriate amount of auxiliary materials. In the past, supporting a bakery required a skilled baker. But now, with the continuous development of food machinery, the bread industry has also entered the era of mechanization.

   Driven by consumption upgrades, the bakery retail market has grown rapidly. Data show that in 2019, my country's baked goods retail sales reached 231.2 billion yuan, an increase of 7.4% year-on-year, and it is expected to exceed 250 billion yuan in 2020. At the same time, the number of companies in the domestic baking industry is also increasing. In addition to large-scale chain baking brands, there are also a large number of small and medium-sized baking companies that are gathering in the industry.

   With the penetration of Western-style food, the per capita bread consumption level is continuously increasing, and it is expected that the market competition will gradually intensify in the future. In addition, the domestic bread sales method is also rapidly changing, and the production form of the industrialized central factory is gradually being favored by the bread industry. In this regard, whether bread production enterprises can supply in time has become very critical. For enterprises in the industry, in addition to improving the core competitiveness of the brand, improving product technology is also one of the important factors to seize the market.

   In the industrialized production of bread, the equipment that needs to be used includes dough mixer, dough pressing machine, forming machine, proofing (fermentation) box, baking machine, cooling line, slicer, packaging machine and so on. The automatic bread production line is controlled by a computer system, which can automatically accurately measure and mix the required raw materials to ensure the equal quality of each bread. And produced under the same mold and the same fermentation and baking conditions, the bread quality can be highly consistent.

   The efficiency of the fully automatic bread production line is also very high, which can meet the needs of large-scale production and is very suitable for central factory-style bread enterprises. Nowadays, the raw material and labor costs in the bakery industry are constantly rising. The automatic production line not only has high production efficiency, but also does not require too much manpower support, which can reduce the labor cost of the enterprise. Under the condition of stable quality, the bread can also be reduced. Corresponding labor costs increase the price advantage of enterprises.

   Although the fully automatic bread production line has advantages in output and technology, there are still some shortcomings in the face of current baking. Nowadays, consumers are increasingly pursuing personalized and diversified breads. Traditional toasts and croissants can no longer meet consumer needs. Different fillings and different forms of bread such as crisp bread, soft European buns, and baguettes make "A hundred flowers bloom" in the bread industry.

   This also brings challenges to bread production-related equipment. It is understood that the production limitations of domestic bread production equipment are relatively large, and the types of bread that can be produced are relatively single. This has resulted in a relatively concentrated product type of production enterprises, which is easy to fall into homogenized competition. Therefore, equipment manufacturers need to adjust the bread production technology, especially the filling equipment and molding equipment, so that the equipment can produce bread types with complex shapes and fillings, and the production line can be customized.

   It is reported that the compound annual growth rate of retail sales of the domestic bakery industry is expected to be around 12% in recent years. The bread production line has injected technical force into the industry, but as diversification has become the mainstream trend of the bread industry, the traditional bread production line can no longer meet the market demand. In the future, bread production equipment needs to develop in the direction of compound production, bringing more flexible production technology and creating higher profits for production enterprises.


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