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Characteristics of top combustion hot stove

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Top burning type hot air rotating furnace of hot air valve, and burning valve, and burning device are placed in hot air rotating furnace of top Department, hot air rotating furnace high temperature district the hole mouth, as hot air export, and burning mouth, and people hole are used combination brick masonry, using top space for burning, canceled has side burning room or outside burning room, its structure symmetric, and temperature district clear, and accounted for to small, and efficiency high, and investment less.

Top-firing hot-blast Rotary oven in the 19th century it was visualization and attention until in the 1960 of the 20th century and began to study the rotary furnace, so far, have been built and run a variety of top-firing hot-blast Rotary oven. Among the many forms of top-firing hot-blast Rotary oven, Shougang, China and Russia-Brookings performed well.

Top combustion type hot air stove features:

1) top-firing hot-blast Rotary oven remove the side of the combustion chamber, eliminate the fatal flaw of the internal combustion type hot-blast Rotary oven. Top-firing hot-blast Rotary oven stove top is a symmetrical structure, even by force, good structural strength and stability and shape simple, easy construction, steel and refractories.

2) top combustion type hot air select rotary kiln using short-flame burners, direct combustion at the vault, because of the hot air flow short distances, reducing heat loss.

3) top-firing hot-blast Rotary oven temperature, improves the working conditions of refractory materials, lower working temperature is low, the Dutch major, higher upper operating temperature, the load is small. Refractories can be properly operating temperatures, and extend its service life.

However, top-firing hot-blast Rotary oven burner, burned valves, air valves and other equipment are at the top, higher demands and lifting equipment installation and maintenance.


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