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Computerized and Electronic Controls In Semi-automatic Powder Filling Machine

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The focus of food packaging is to contain food in a cost-effective way that satisfies industry requirements and consumer desires, maintains food safety and minimizes environmental impact. Currently, with the increasing demand of the consumers the major concern of food packaging industry is on efficiency of the plant process, productivity, quality as well as safety. It becomes necessary for companies to discover ways to improve their productivity in terms of maintaining safety, using sustainable materials in packaging, implementing flexible and standardized technology, and maintaining good quality of foods. Thus, to achieve the required demands, automation and upgradation of the packaging machinery is necessary and this has been accepted because these changes are robust, flexible, reconfigurable, preserve the quality of the food and are efficient. 

This machine uses the stepper motor control technology and electronic weighing technology, chip control, and it has the functions of auto-quantitative, automatically filling, automatically correcting errors, the counting, cleaning. etc.

 It is the ideal packing equipment for pesticides, veterinary drugs, chemicals, additives, flour, milk, detergent powder, salt, drinks, sugar, monosodium glutamate, condiments(such as spicy fresh), natural flavourings (such as 13 aromatic), enzymes, feed and other powder (powders and ultrafine powder) material. This machine can realize automatic bottle filling of powder materials, automatic capping and sealing, to achieve automatic control.

Main characteristic

 1 automatic positioning container, automatic filling materials

 2.Applicable for the tank, barrel, bottle packaging container, etc

 3.Equip dust removal device, keep clean and sanitation

 4. Adopt a stepping motor and electronic weighing technology, the aircraft is slightly lower cost in comparison with the servo motor, and it is economical and practical.

 5. light-control technology.

 6. Specifications: the same machine within the 5-5000g adjustment and replacement of the keyboard under different specifications of material spiral continuously adjustable.

 7. Scope." There is a certain fluidity Of powder materials. containers (bags, cans)unlimited.

 8, Materials due to changes in weight and material level of error correction can be automatically tracked.

 9. Photoelectric switch control, Only manual bagging, bag clean. easy to seal.

 10. Screw feeder can be equipped with automatic feeding control.semi-automatic powder filling machine.png


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