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Details about the horizontal ribbon mixer

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Details about the horizontal ribbon mixer

A brief description:

The horizontal ribbon mixer is composed of a U-shaped container, a ribbon stirring blade and a transmission part; the ribbon-shaped blade is a double-layer structure, the outer ribbon collects the material from both sides to the center, and the inner ribbon collects the material from the center. Delivered to both sides to form convective mixing. The ribbon mixer has a good effect on the mixing of viscous or agglomerated powders and granules, as well as the mixing of liquid and paste materials in the powders and granules. The cylinder cover can be made into a fully open door to facilitate the cleaning of the equipment. Replace the product.

Main features:

◆ This model is a horizontal cylinder with a symmetrical distribution structure of single-axis double-ribbons. The barrel of the mixer is U-shaped, and there is a feeding port on the top cover or the upper part of the barrel, and a spray liquid adding device can be installed on it according to the needs of users. A single-shaft rotor is installed in the cylinder, and the rotor is composed of a shaft, a horizontal brace and a spiral belt;

◆ There is a pneumatic (manual) flap valve or butterfly valve in the center of the bottom of the cylinder. The arc valve is tightly embedded in the cylinder and is flush with the inner wall of the cylinder. There is no material accumulation and mixing dead ends. There is no leakage in the switch;

◆ Disconnected helical belt structure, compared with the continuous helical belt, produces greater shearing motion to the material, and can make the material form more eddy currents in the flow, speed up the mixing speed and improve the mixing uniformity;

◆A jacket can be added to the outside of the mixer barrel, and the material can be cooled or heated by injecting cold and hot medium into the jacket; industrial water is generally pumped into the cooling, and steam or electric heating heat transfer oil can be used for heating.


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