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Details about the powder filling machine

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Details about the powder filling machine

Powder filling machine is an economical and practical automatic canning machine for powder and small particles, which can complete automatic positioning, filling and measuring of bottles. It is composed of a screw metering machine, a chain plate conveyor belt and a pneumatic positioning device, which can be combined with bottle unscrewing machine, capping machine, labeling machine and other filling lines. Suitable for packing powder, small granule medicine, milk powder, veterinary medicine, condiment, powder granule additive, glucose, solid beverage, talcum powder, pesticide, etc.


◆ Stainless steel structure; Combined transparent material box, easy to unpack and wash without tools;

Servo motor and servo drive control screw;

◆PLC, touch screen and weighing module control;

All kinds of product adjustment parameters formula can be stored, after use, store up to 10 formula;

◆ Replace the spiral accessories, can adapt to ultrafine powder to small particles and other materials;

◆ Equipped with a reasonable position of height adjustment handwheel, convenient to adjust the head height


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