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Fermentation tank functions and characteristics

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Bread fermentation tank based on bread fermentation principles and requirements for the design of electric heating products, it is the use of electric heating pipe by heating tank water temperature control circuit, so as to create the relative humidity of 80~85%, most suitable for fermentation of temperature 35℃ ~ 40℃ environment, and help shape, the use of safe and reliable, the equipment is essential to improve the quality of bread.

The role of fermentation tank

The purpose of fermentation, is again producing, leavening the dough to get the required volume of manufactured goods and bread and bread products have good quality. Shaped dough must be made wake up again producing gas, the dough leavening, are suitably sized volume.

Woke up on the main factors affecting the quality of steamed bread made of temperature, humidity and time.

① temperature

Fermentation temperature, general control at 34-36. The temperature is too high, larger temperature difference between inside and outside dough, dough fermentation uneven, resulting in inconsistent internal organization of bread products, rough external organizations, insufficient. The temperature is too low, the wake up too slow, too long, affecting the production cycle.

② climate

Woke humidity has little effect on steamed bread, organization size, particles, but the steamed bun shape, appearance and skin effect. Humidity is too low, the dough surface water evaporates too quickly, prone to cracking phenomenon, product crack too high humidity, surface bubbles, steam bubbles after contraction, leaving "fish-eye". General bread fermentation and humidity control at around 75%.


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