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Food Packing Machine

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At present, imported confectionery, chocolate and other foods are still popular in China, although they are higher in price than domestic products.In the past, domestic products were inferior in quality and taste, but now they are more about packaging.At present, the packaging level of candy and chocolate in China is far from that of developed countries. The main problem is that the packaging equipment is low, the packaging materials are small, and the packaging quality is not high.If you want to close the gap, only go the way of technical innovation, so domestic candy and chocolate packaging should be towards the high-speed automatic packing machine, one machine can develop in the direction of packaging design and the characteristic.

Candy and chocolate manufacturers generally need high speed and automatic pillow packaging machines to optimize the packaging cost of economies of scale.In addition, the automatic steering, finishing, stopping and acceleration of the conveyor belt connected with the chocolate pillow packaging machine are also widely used.Secondly, for non-standard or seasonal products, pillow packaging machine should be flexible, light and compact.Instead of speed, this type of device seeks personalized packaging and flexibility.And innovative packaging design can meet the commodity competition, continuous innovation, give a person visual impact effect, such as bottles of xylitol chewing gum on the market, due to the improved packing is more suitable for young people's consumption psychology, the product is very popular.

So, leisure food packaging should be toward multi-function direction development, to adapt to the market, all in all, candy, chocolate packaging forms shall be determined according to the market, consumer demand, packaging technology for products and services.If the product is positioned as a high-end gift, then the packaging should be attractive and the design is high, such as paper, wood or metal packaging boxes.For mass consumer products, the packaging should be relatively simple, such as pillow bag packaging is popular with merchants, its form is simple, technology is mature, packaging efficiency is high, and the price is cheap.


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