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French Bread Moulder Baguette Moulder French Bread Making Machine

This is necessary machine to shape the french bread .
  • F750
  • Mooha
  • 8438100010

French Bread Moulder Baguette Moulder French Bread Making Machine 


Model F750
Power supply380V/220V,50Hz
Dough range50-1250g /piece
Output1200pcs dough/hour
Front conveying beltPerimeter1132mm.Width 730mm,thickness 8mm
Front conveying belt speed46m/min
Back conveying beltPerimeter1292mm.Width 730mm,thickness 8mm
Back conveying belt speed39m/min
Size1010 x 960 x 1850 mm

The french bread moulding machine is a bread shaping machine specially designed for French baguettes. It can roll up the dough and shape it into long strips  . It is mainly used for French bread, and it can also be used for  shaping of toast and other bread. The conveyor belt is made of 100% full wool imported from France.


1. It can be used for toast ,French bread and other breads;

2. The whole machine is stable, the bracket is firm, the drum is smooth, the strength is high, and the effect is good;

3. Rotary adjuster with scale indication, setting thickness is flexible and precise;

4. France imported long wool conveyor belt, no lint;

5. It can complete the shaping according to the diameter and length requirements of the product you need;

6. Dough range can be 50-1250g.


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