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Frying machines can't use cooking oil over and over again

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  • Frying machines can't use cooking oil over and over again.

1, cooking oil, in the high temperature heating or repeated heating can occur a series of chemical change, these changes not only lower the nutritional value of edible oil, also produce harm for our health.

2. In the condition of repeated or prolonged high temperature, unsaturated fatty acids will polymerize to form indigestible or toxic polymers.

3, more than 200℃ when oil temperature and frying time more than 2 minutes will form a large number of harmful substances heterocyclic amines if the body after eating can cause liver function obstacle damage the liver, delay or stagnant growth, reproductive hypofunction, etc.

4, repeated high temperature will produce a large number of free radicals, trans fatty acids, and three or four styrene acrylic material, these material has certain carcinogenic, especially the Fried food Fried coke, with stronger its produce carcinogens.

If you use the frying machine need cooking Fried food, try to minimize the number of repeated use of high temperature cooking oil, and add a new cooking oil at any time, and to control the frying, the oil temperature, in order to reduce or prevent the formation of harmful substances

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