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Function of dough sheeter in bakery shop

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Function of dough sheeter in bakery shop

When it comes to pastry sheeter machines, you will think of baking.

Pastry sheeter machine usually used in food factory, bread chain stores  to make pastry  products, such as egg tart peel, durian crisp, mung bean crisp are made with sheeter.In all these places, sheeter is an indispensable device.

What is the pastry sheetermachine for?

First, the main function of the sheeter: it is to repeatedly roll to make the dough become the most thin layer of multi-layer uniform, to achieve the effect of soft and uniform. Food.

Second, performance characteristics: low noise, very safe operation; not easy to wear and prolong service life. Application: It is widely used in food processing plants, major supermarkets, bakeries, pastry houses, cake shops, etc.


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