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Functions and applications of dough mixer

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The types of dough mixer are mainly divided into vacuum type and non-vacuum type.According to this kind of machine, it can be divided into horizontal machine, vertical machine, single axis machine, double axis machine and half axis machine.Can say the function of these different types of machines they also very diverse, and the machine application range is very wide, almost can be seen in many food processing places this kind of machine.

So what can this dough mixer do?In fact, this machine has three main functions, namely kneading, stirring and mixing.

The first function of kneading is to use it to knead the dough.

The second function of stirring is to use this machine to stir things like yellow oil, cheese and fresh milk, and even to beat eggs.

The third function is to use it to make juice, jam, even pasta, ice cream, or even cold dishes.

It is precisely because this machine has such diverse functions that it is often used in hotels, noodle shops, cafes and places like wine and restaurants.


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