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Heirloom maintenance of sesame paste filling machine method

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The sauce filling machine must be maintained on a regular basis during use.First of all, make sure that the lubrication state of the equipment must be good, and each lubrication point must be properly lubricated to keep the oil level of each tank and the good spray lubrication function.Replace all kinds of damaged parts in time, such as sealing parts, bottles conveying parts and parts of transmission parts.The moving parts that are not adjusted for a long time, such as the storage tank and the height adjusting device of the gland, must be run regularly to avoid rust.Regularly clean the tank, the infusion tube, the filling valve and the parts that may contact with the liquid.After each shift, remove liquid residue, oil, water and glass debris, keep the equipment clean and hygienic.Because of the various types and specifications of the filling machine, the performance, structure and working principle are very different, so operators and maintenance personnel should use maintenance according to the supporting operation manual of each machine.

Before using the sesame paste filling machine, make sure there is no impurities in the oil used.When changing lubricating oil, choose the right model to avoid icing and affect the operation of the filling machine.

The two parts of the sesame paste filling machine are the easiest to freeze, and the pneumatic combination of the two parts of the water filter and the oil mist.See if there is any water before starting work, immediately clear water and prevent freezing.

In the low temperature, the parts of the sesame paste filling machine will be very slow. In the beginning of operation, slow operation should be carried out first, so that the equipment can speed up when the normal operation temperature is reached.This can relieve the pressure of the cold winter weather to the sesame paste filling machine, ensure the stability of the parts of the filling machine, and prolong the service life.

The clean-up cannot be ignored.After the use of the sesame paste filling machine, the remaining sauce should be cleaned up to prevent the icing from affecting the next work.Keep the fuselage clean and ensure the safety and health of the filling machine of sesame paste.


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