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How to choose a bread oven for a new baking store?

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How to choose a bread oven for a new baking store?

With the rapid development of baking technology, the types of baking equipment continue to be enriched, including tunnel ovens, rotary ovens, electric ovens and so on. Judging from the big data in recent years, the domestic baking market has continued to expand, which has also promoted the rapid development of the baking equipment market.

At present, the types of baking equipment are becoming more and more abundant, including tunnel ovens, ovens, baking ovens, rotary ovens, electric ovens, ovens, electric ovens, baking machines, etc., which can bake bread, pastries, pastries, and baking. Chicken, roast duck, etc. According to the different needs of the baked food, the temperature of the electric oven can generally be adjusted in the range of 50-250℃, which is very convenient and fast, and the food has good color and taste.

It is understood that the tunnel furnace mainly adopts the convection heat transfer method. It is a tunnel-type mechanical equipment that completes food baking through heat conduction, convection and radiation. It can be controlled by a PLC intelligent control system, and it can be driven by frequency conversion and speed regulation. It can realize stepless speed change, has the characteristics of high production efficiency, labor saving, and stable baking quality.

Compared with the tunnel furnace, the rotary furnace baking products is more flexible, but it also adopts the convection heat transfer method. It mainly uses a variety of different energy sources to heat the combustion chamber, and sends hot air into the furnace through a heat exchanger and a fan. The contents are baked in the equipment. The equipment adopts a special air duct design to fully ensure convection and even temperature distribution in the furnace. The three-stage adjustable air outlet can better meet the special requirements of different products and different seasons on the quality of baked goods and ensure the quality of baking.

In fact, the baking equipment adopts the convection heat transfer method, the baking speed is faster and more uniform, the baking quality is relatively better, and the energy is saved. Since the hot air is blown directly onto the food instead of just surrounding the food, the cooking speed of the food in the convection oven is increased by approximately 25%. In addition, when the food is in the oven, the air will become a little humid because the moisture cannot escape. But through the convection heat transfer method, a dry atmosphere is generated, the baked product will not brown, and the taste and quality will be better.

Undoubtedly, the appearance of baking equipment brings convenience to baking bread, pastry and other products, and guarantees the flavor, taste and quality of the products.


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