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How to choose the screw elevator of the powder packaging machine?

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How to choose the screw elevator of the powder packaging machine?

Due to the physical characteristics of powdery materials, when choosing a packaging machine, the most commonly used is the powder packaging machine with screw metering. As the first link in conveying powdery materials, the screw elevator has a large impact on the overall effect of the powder packaging machine. So, how to choose the screw elevator of the powder packaging machine?

First of all, we must choose a stainless steel hoist, which not only meets the food QS and pharmaceutical GMP hygiene standards, but also is easier to clean. There are many types of stainless steel screw elevators, with different structures, numerous design parameters, and each parameter is connected and restricted before each other, which is not only difficult to design, but also more complicated to choose. Choosing a suitable stainless steel screw elevator is very important for the transportation of production materials. The comments mentioned below may be helpful to you.

1. Conveying capacity

The conveying capacity of stainless steel screw elevator refers to the amount of material conveyed per unit time. When conveying bulk materials, it is calculated based on the mass or volume of the materials conveyed per hour; when conveying into pieces, it is calculated by the number of pieces conveyed per hour. When matching with vibrating screen equipment such as linear vibrating screen, rotary vibrating screen, ultrasonic vibrating screen, etc., it is necessary to calculate the feed volume of the vibrating screen and control the delivery volume. Before designing and producing most stainless steel screw elevators, it is necessary to consider whether to use it with other production equipment in order to design the conveyor model reasonably.

2. Conveying speed

The conveying speed can change the conveying capacity. When screw conveying is used as a traction part and the conveying length is large, the conveying speed is increasing day by day. However, high-speed stainless steel screw elevators need to pay attention to problems such as vibration, noise, start-up, and sealing. The conveying speed should not be too high to prevent increasing the dynamic load. At the same time, the conveying speed of the stainless steel screw elevator for process control should be determined according to the production process requirements.

3. Equipment size

The equipment dimensions of the stainless steel screw elevator include width, diameter, length and the size of the motor reducer. The size of these equipment directly affects its conveying capacity.

4. Conveying length and inclination angle

The length of the transmission line and the inclination directly affect the total resistance of the conveyor and the required power. At present, there are many types of conveyors, some with direct horizontal feeding, and some with a certain inclination angle, so these conditions of use should be explained when selecting the stainless steel screw elevator.

5. The motor of the stainless steel screw hoist can be selected from the adjustable speed motor and the ordinary motor to control the conveying speed and the conveying volume per hour. The greater the number of revolutions, the greater the delivery volume.

6. Whether to add a hopper at the feed inlet, and the size of the feed hopper are also considerations.


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