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How to maintain and maintain the powder packaging machine

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How to maintain and maintain the powder packaging machine

Powder packaging machine is the most popular powder material packaging equipment in our company. This equipment has high degree of automation, fast work efficiency, accurate weighing, environmental protection and dust-free. Bulk packaging for bulk materials.

Powder packaging machines are very popular in chemical, fertilizer, construction, metallurgy, pharmaceutical and other related industries. In order to keep the powder packaging equipment ordered by customers with good performance advantages, here is a brief introduction to how the equipment should be carried out. Care and maintenance.

Before and after the powder packaging machine starts, check the electrical system, check whether the grounding protection is in place, and check whether there are factors that may cause the circuit failure to cause the machine to stop. If there is, report it in time, repair it in time, and replace parts in time.

After the start of construction, pay attention to cleaning up the residual materials in the powder packaging machine, especially the corrosive and chemical materials. You should pay attention to cleaning in time to avoid the materials staying in the machine and causing the reaction to damage the machine.

Regularly lubricate the joints, and wipe the body with oil even if it is not used for a long time. Generally, powder materials are afraid of seeing water. Therefore, the production workshop should be kept dry as much as possible. The powder packaging machine will also cause rust in a high humidity environment for a long time (so it should be wiped with oil regularly to prevent oxidation).


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