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How to saves electricity for a bakery shop ?

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How to saves electricity for a bakery shop ?

To open a bakery, baking equipment and cake cabinets to keep fresh bread and cakes are necessary. Does it cost electricity if the baking equipment is turned on 24 hours a day? So, what should the owner of a bakery do to save electricity on the baking equipment?

1. The amount of food stored in the cake cabinet should be appropriate, not too full or too tight, and placed reasonably. Because the volume and load of the cake cabinet are fixed, the food in the cabinet is too full or too tight, which will affect the convection of the air in the cabinet, and it will be difficult for the food to dissipate heat, which will affect the food preservation effect. At the same time increase the compressor working time, so that the power consumption increases. 2. Minimize the number of opening times and opening time when picking up food. The opening and closing action should be fast, the opening angle should be as small as possible, and the food should be taken out or put in one time in a planned way, so as to avoid excessive air-conditioning overflow and excessive Indoor hot air enters the cabinet. 3. It should be placed in a place with low ambient temperature and good ventilation conditions, and proper space should be left on the top of the cake cabinet and the back on the left and right sides when placing it to facilitate heat dissipation. 4. Regularly defrost and remove dust on the surface of the condenser and cabinet body to ensure that the evaporator and condenser have good heat absorption and heat dissipation performance, shorten the working time of the compressor, and save electricity.

5. It is strictly forbidden to put hot food in the cake display cabinet. Because hot food contains relatively high calories, putting it into the cake cabinet will cause the temperature in the cabinet to rise sharply, and at the same time increase the thickness of the frosting on the surface of the evaporator, the compressor working time is prolonged, and the power consumption increases. Therefore, hot food must be cooled outside the cabinet before being put in the cabinet.


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