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How to use the oven correctly

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How to use the oven correctly

The oven features: shell is made of high quality cold-rolled steel plate, surface using electrostatic spray process, the appearance of new, sturdy and durable. Studio uses the high quality stainless steel or cold rolled steel plate, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, no black smoke and so on. Activities of the telescopic rack, increased item storage space inside the box door is equipped with double tempered glass observation Windows, indoor heated can be observed at any time in the case of goods. Oven is to use electric wire insulation drying equipment heating objects.

It applies to 5~300℃ higher than the room temperature (200 degrees centigrade higher) range of baking, drying, heat treatment, sensitivity usually ± 1 ℃. It models a lot, but the basic structure is similar, generally by the box, electric heating system and the automatic temperature control system is composed of three parts. Its uses and considerations are summarized below:

1. the oven must be placed on a dry and level to prevent vibration and corrosion.

2. safe to note that under oven power consumption installed capacity of the power poles. Use enough power wire, and should have a good grounding.

3. oven with electric contact Mercury thermometer-thermostat electric contact thermometers should be two wires were connected to the roof on the two terminals. An ordinary Mercury thermometer inserted in the exhaust valve, exhaust valve

Thermometer is used to check electrical contacts of mercury thermometers and observing the actual temperature in the Cabinet) open vent holes. Regulation of electric contact Mercury thermometer to the desired temperature fastening on steel cap screws, in order to achieve the objective of constant temperature. It should be noted that regulation do not indicate iron spin to scale out.


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