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Industrial Bread Baking Machine

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Large industrial bread baking machine adopts a far infrared radiation tube as heating element. The internal heat radiation penetrates objects with fast heating speed, the baked goods is heated evenly and taste good and is accord with the standard of food hygiene. The temperature of industrial bread baking machine can be adjusted in the range of 20-300 ℃, and can automatically change into constant temperature。 The product is provided with the timing, automatic temperature control and manual control. Cake baking machine respectively has gas and electricity category; and other functions are available, convenient operation and reliable performance. Bracket and floor are double structures, which greatly increase the using range; semi automatic door is flexible open, tight close and durable. The quality can be guaranteed, large industrial bread baking machine can work under low voltage by adopting pressure type temperature controller and it is not affected by the voltage fluctuation, which may influence the electri cal properties. It is general stratified independent control structure, primer and surface fire of cake baking machine can be controlled, so the baking quality is ideal. Industrial bread baking machine is mainly used for baking bread and cakes.

Industrial bread baking machine adopts the advanced digital display instrument automatic temperature control and timing control system. Inside the commercial oven furnace, it designs the channel to ensure the safety of combustion gas。Normally closed solenoid valve and anti leakage fire alarm settings ensure the safe of using. Bread baking furnace is provided with lighting and observation window, which make the operation clear and easy. This product doesn’t need increasing power, only need home lighting power supply, and can be put into use. Using the oven baked is quick, saving gas consumption, durable and the color of baking food is uniform. Industrial bread baking machine is a new food oven, which is carefully design and manufactured and is safe and efficient, which is the best choice for food baking. It can bake bread, cakes and other food. Food making by commercial cake oven is of bright color, delicious, and taste good. It is of fast heating, saving gas, and is suitable for small cake store, food stores, canteens, restaurants etc... It is the best choice for baking food. When the furnace temperature reaches the desired temperature, oven temperature into the state, burner stops burning, when the temperature is below the required temperature, working system automatic to ignite and heat, and does these repeatedly to achieve the purpose of automatic constant temperature. When the temperature is uneven heating, industrial bread baking machine can adjust the position of furnace top cover fire board. The price of Beijing toast machine is low. When the temperature is not uniform, you can adjust the position of cover fire board. Commercial cake oven should far from infrared heating. It is of luxurious style of novel hierarchical control, reasonable structure and convenient operation. Heat fast insulation good special energy-saving! Bread, pastry and Western style made by this machine is of uniform color, and it is crisp, delicious and good flavor.

Industrial bread baking machine uses hot air circulation, hot air circulation system is divided into horizontal type and vertical type. They are both calculated accurately. The blower motor of large bread oven drives the wind wheel via the electric heater, and the hot air is conveyed into the oven studios through duct. It sucks the used air to duct to make it becoming the air source, which is repeated used. In this way, it can effectively improve the temperature uniformity. It the door is closed in working, it can use this air circulation system to restore the temperature state of operation. Industrial bread baking machine is of bright color, and it has no loss, no dents or serious scratches. The switch of the door is flexible, tight and seamless; window glass is of good transparency. All kinds of switches and knobs are handsome in appearance. Industrial bread baking machine is of fine processing. Dial writing is clear, which makes it easy to operate.

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Started as simple bread production line , now ,we have 2 main plant.

One is complete bakery and pastry plant, including bread,cake,biscuit,pastry making machine.

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