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Industrial Bread Maker

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Industrial bread maker is the machine baking various bread by automatically surface and fermentation after putting ingredients according to the requirements of the machine. Industrial bread maker can not only make bread, but also can make cakes, yogurt, and rice wine and so on. Bread maker with manual mode function can make all kinds of fancy bread. Industrial bread maker has oven, kneading barrel arranged in the oven with parallel arrangement and a drum driving part making one of kneading barrel to rotate clockwise and counterclockwise. The connecting shaft extends from the eccentric kneading drum, and rotates around each of the corresponding kneading barrel axis. The connecting rod connects shaft and rotates and transfers between the kneading drums. General industrial bread maker can make cake and the principle of making cake is same with bread, only the taste is soft and the recipe is different. With the rise of industrial bread maker in the domestic market, all the bread maker brand gradually developed so
me new functions on the basis of the original industrial bread maker, such as making yogurt, rice wine, alone surface and making bean paste and other functions. When making yogurt, it should be equipped with a sealing glass, otherwise, yogurt will not be fully fermented, thus waste nutrients.

Principle and function

How does industrial bread maker make bread? Many people who have not contact with the bread maker think it is very complex. The fact is not. The making process of bread by industrial bread maker mainly includes surface, fermentation and baking. The principle of bread maker is using the built-in computer program to cure the three processes, and to issue order to surface, fermentation, or baking at a fixed time, thus making bread. The typical process of making bread by industrial bread maker is: surface - fermentation - plastic - fermentation - kneading and baking.

The main function of industrial bread maker is to use flour and rice as raw materials, and other accessories to make various kinds of bread. Different accessories, the flavor of bread is also different. Bread made by industrial bread maker are divided into ordinary bread, French bread, whole wheat or grain bread, and wind bread, sweet bread and steamed buns, steamed bread and so on. Bread made by different brands of bread maker is not the same.

Using method

1.Clean the bread barrel of bread maker until it is clean, remove the bread barrel from the bread maker, pour into the mixing water, milk or egg liquid and prepare to surface.

2.You can choose according to your own tastes, if you want to make salty bread, then put a litter salt in the bread barrel; if you like sweet, you can put some sugar in another corner in the bread barrel.

3.After adding seasoning, pour the flour into the flour, and make the flour cover the water.

4.Don't rush to stir, you should dig a small hole in the top of flour, pour in the yeast powder, don't forget the step of fermentation; otherwise it will affect the production of bread.

5.After everything is ready, install the bread bucket into the bread maker, and it can be connected the power and plugged in.

6.Select the program and use according to each different bread maker’s program and select the appropriate baking process, so that you can wait for baking. Press the start button, so the bread maker starts kneading dough and the bread rated program officially began.

7.Stirred for a period of time the bread maker will automatically stop, then press the "start / stop" button for three seconds to end the program. Otherwise, the dough will start fermentation.

8.After well stir, add the softened butter and repeat the "dough" program until the dough to the expand state.

9.Some bread makers have characteristic features, such as booking function, which can join the sesame seeds, pine nuts or raisins and other accessories inside and set according to the bread maker.

Maintenance Tips

When use it, you should remove the debris from the inside and outside, and identify all the devices are dry.

Don't put the machine under high temperature and beside high temperature gas appliance, and keep at least 10 cm distance with wall, so as to avoid the heat radiation to the wall.

Wait until the industrial bread maker completely cooled, use a soft cloth dipped in warm soapy water scrub body and cover. Don't put the whole machine or the bread barrel into the water, just pour water into the bread barrel and clean it’s internal.

When cleaning the bread maker, you should not force too large, so as not to damage the machine. After cleaning, completely dry bread barrel and mixing blade.

If the mixing blade is difficult to clean, then try a few times to avoid the use of abrasive cleaning agents and hard wool fabric cleaning, so as not to damage the non stick layer to influence stirring and cleaning effect.

Not go easy way and wash carefully and do not use dishwasher to clean the bread barrel and leaves.

Dos and don’ts

1.When in use, you should remove the debris of the body inside and outside and identify all the devices are dry.

2.After the industrial bread maker is completely cooled, clean and dry and then storage. When storing, install the bread barrel and the stirring wing in the oven, cover the lid, do not put anything on the surface, and bread maker should be confidential vertically, not upside down.

3.When the bread maker is processing, do not pull out the plug, otherwise the bread maker will stop working and will not continue the operation.

4.Keep the bread maker clean inside and outside.

5.Don't put the machine under high temperature or beside high temperature goods and keep at least 10 cm distance with wall so as to avoid the heat radiation wall.

6.Please put the machine on a stationary surface insulation, do not put it on the cloth surface and flammable items.

7.Do not place any object on the toaster and keep the vent flow during operation.

8.When cut the bread, please first remove the stirring wing at the bottom of bread maker.

9.Ingredients should be added to the bread barrel and do not sprinkle baking chamber. The ingredients should be classified into the bread barrel, and then put the barrel into the bread baking chamber.

10.In the using process, the cover of the bread maker should not be opened for a long time.

11.When the industrial bread maker is at work, the temperature of upper cover and the shell surface may be high.

12.Industrial bread maker should not be close to the curtains and other flammable materials or used under them.

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