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It is widely used in bag packing machine

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Packaging machine instead of manual type packing for large enterprises, small and medium-sized enterprises implement the packaging automation, the operator only need one-time will be hundreds of bag take the bag of equipment, mechanical equipment will automatically grab bag, print date, open the bag, to the metering device signal measurement and blanking, sealing, output.

To bag packing machine mainly consists code machine, PLC control system, open the bag boot device, vibration equipment, dust removal device, electromagnetic valve, or vacuum pump, frequency converter, temperature controller, vacuum generator output system such as standard parts.The main optional configuration is material measuring and filling machine, working platform, weight selection scale, material elevator, vibration feeding machine, finished product conveyor elevator, metal detector.

Range of application

1. Liquid: detergent, wine, soy sauce, vinegar, juice, beverage, ketchup, jam, chili sauce and bean paste.

2. Block type: peanuts, dates, crisps, crust, nuts, candy, chewing gum, pistachios, melon seeds, nuts, pet food, etc.

3. Granule: condiments, additives, crystalline seeds, seeds, granulated sugar, white sugar, chicken essence, grain and agricultural products.

4. Powder: flour, spices, milk powder, glucose, chemical seasoning, pesticide, fertilizer.

Description of the process

1. Upper bag: the bag can be used to remove the bag, send it to the machine clip, no bag warning, reduce the manpower and labor intensity;

2. Print production date: color band detection, complete stop alarm for color band, display of the touch screen, guarantee the normal marking of the packaging bag;

3. Open the bag: open bag test, do not open the bag, ensure the material does not lose;

4. Fill material: check, the material is not filled, the heat seal is not sealed, and the bag is not wasted;

5. Heat sealing seal: temperature abnormal alarm, ensure the quality of sealing.

6. Cooling and shaping and discharging: ensure the appearance of sealing.

Performance characteristics: 1. Easy to operate, controlled by PLC, equipped with a touch screen man-machine interface control system, easy to operate.

2. Variable frequency speed control, the machine USES frequency conversion speed control device, can adjust the speed at will within the specified range.

3. Automatic detection function, if the bag is not opened or the bag is not complete, no feeding, no heat sealing, the bag can be used again, not waste material, save the production cost for the user.

4. Safety device. When the working pressure is abnormal or the heating tube fails, the alarm will be prompted.

5. Horizontal delivery bag, the storage bag can store more packaging bags, lower the quality requirements of the bag, and the bag and upper bag rate are high.

6. Adjust the width of the bag with the motor control, and adjust the width of each group machine at the same time with the control button, so that the operation is convenient and the time is saved.

7. Some imported engineering plastic bearings are used to reduce the pollution of materials.

8. Use oil-free vacuum pump to avoid pollution of production environment.

9. Zipper open bag mechanism designed to avoid deformation or breakage of the bag mouth.

10. Low loss of packaging material, the machine is used in prefabricated packaging bags, the packaging design is perfect, the sealing quality is good, thus improving the product class.

11, conform to the hygiene standards of food processing industry, machine parts in contact with the material or packing bag is made of stainless steel or other to meet the requirements of food hygiene materials processing, to ensure the health and safety of food.

12. The packing range is wide, which can be applied to the packaging of materials such as liquid, paste, granule, powder, irregular block and so on by choosing different meter.

13. The packaging bag is widely used for the application of prefabricated bags and paper bags made of multi-layer composite film, silicon dioxide, aluminum foil, single-layer PE, PP and other materials.

Its applicable scope is extremely broad and can be used for paper-plastic composite, plastic and plastic composite, lu: su composite, PE composite material loss is low, using the preformed bags, packaging design is perfect, good sealing quality, and improve the products;Can also be multi-usage, just according to the different material matching different metering device can realize granule, powder, lump, liquid and soft canned automatic packaging, toys, hardware and other products.

Automatic type packing machine adopts advanced PLC and POD (touch screen) electric control system, friendly man-machine interface, convenient operation, and is equipped with detection device, can detect the machine without packaging or packaging without open the filling device without a filling, heat sealing device does not seal, so as to avoid the waste of material and raw materials.Equipment using variable frequency speed regulating device, production can be adjusted according to actual needs in a certain range, can quickly change the packaging specification, automatically to the width of the bag device may through the regulating handle easy and quick adjustment in specifications for each mechanical claw spacing is only need through a bolt can complete the conversion of 10 for mechanical claw specifications, easy to operate.The normal service life is over 10 years.

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