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Ketchup packaging machine helps the development of food industry

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We all know that ketchup as a food ingredient is very sweet and delicious, with the development of science and technology and industrialized production of packaging, make tomato sauce with exquisite packaging form to more occasions.However, the packaging of ketchup needs to be packaged in the ketchup packaging machine to complete the perfect packaging.The best packaging machine can achieve the most ideal packaging effect, improve the appearance quality, increase the added value of the product and increase the value of the product.As a professional manufacture of ketchup packaging machinery manufacturers, one of MOOHA have professional experience in planning and design, with a high-quality after-sales service team, can very good into the creation of the new equipment, to create the ketchup packaging machine can be applied to food, medicine, chemical industry, daily chemical industry such as production.Ketchup packing machine.jpg

Take the ketchup packaging machine widely used in food industry as an example:

1. Advanced PLC touch screen HMI control system is adopted. Meanwhile, advanced technologies such as high-end circuit structure and man-machine interface are adopted to realize mechatronics integration, convenient and simple operation and safe and reliable operation.

2. Suitable for various composite films and aluminum foil packaging materials, with good performance, low noise, clear sealing and strong sealing;

3. The advanced design ensures that the machine is suitable for different industries to adjust, operate and maintain when used.It can be used with all kinds of automatic metering equipment at home and abroad;

4. The contact parts of the materials are made of stainless steel, which is convenient for cleaning, preventing cross-contamination for various bags and packaging, improving the appearance of products and achieving a win-win goal.

5, adopt unique design embedded sealing, enhanced heat sealing mechanism, intelligent temperature controller, temperature control has good heat balance to adapt to all kinds of packaging materials, sealed performance, low noise, texture clear, strong sealing;

6. Adopt servo motor motor control, double pull membrane device, pull film to be accurate, so as to guarantee bagging effect;

7. The material contact parts are made of 316L stainless steel materials, suitable for use in acid and alkaline media, and meet the requirements of food and pharmaceutical production and hygiene;

8. Set up the detailed functions such as emergency stop, exhaust, compaction, automatic casting, abnormal discharge, automatic filling of lubricating oil, etc., no manual operation is required in the whole process of packaging;

Tomato sauce packaging machine, can be said to be a food industry development booster, safe, efficient production to make manufacturers more comfortable.


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