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Key Points Of Dough Fermentation

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Key Points Of Dough Fermentation

Key Points Of Dough Fermentation

Basic fermentation is the most important part of the whole process of bread production.Generally, the temperature should be controlled at 25~30℃, the humidity should be controlled at 70%~75%, and the time should be controlled at 15~30min. The size of the dough should be doubled after awakening.

If the dough doesn't wake up enough, in addition to not inflating enough, it can also become very rough if the dough has been sitting for too long or the fermentation temperature is too high, it can become very sticky, difficult to make and a little sour.

When awakening at room temperature, it is best to cover the surface of the dough with plastic wrap.

To judge the best state of awakening, you can gently press the dough with your finger belly. When the finger is removed and there is still indentation, you can judge that the dough has reached the best state of awakening.If the finger moved, indentation also disappeared, indicating that the degree of awakening is insufficient.


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