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Know the baking equipment and make the bread look attractive

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A lot of consumers, when they buy bread, mistakenly think that brown bread is wholemeal bread, but it's just that the color is confusing to the public.Brown-colored bread is not necessarily wholemeal, and some are because the baker has added the appropriate food coloring to it.So brown bread doesn't have to be wholemeal bread, and consumers have to look at the label on the packet when they buy it.

In addition to the food coloring, the baking process also changes the appearance of the bread.Some of the bread is very attractive, while some of the bread is plain, which is closely related to the baker's baking technology and equipment.

Bread baking typically used in oven, oven, such as equipment, now on the market category a variety of the drying machine, electric oven, baking furnace, tunnel furnace, rotary furnace and so on, customers can choose according to their own requirements corresponding equipment.

A good oven first requires good tightness to reduce heat loss and allow the bread to be heated evenly throughout the baking process.For example, the bread oven produced by Shanghai Mooha has strong sealing and thermal insulation, which minimizes the loss of heat.And the equipment also combines the hot air convection cycle technology and the slow rotation of the car device, so that all parts of the food are evenly heated.The bearing of water spray humidifier also ensures the temperature in the oven reaches the standard.The operator can also use the lighting system configured by the equipment to make a clear and real-time observation of the baking status of the controlled food through the glass in the furnace. If there is any problem, it can make corrections in time.

Good tightness is on the one hand, equipment operation is convenient, high efficiency is equally important.Along with the rapid development of science and technology, there are a lot of oven all realize automation control, one key such as automatic temperature control, timing, automatic alarm and overtemperature protection, and other functions, while save manpower material resources to achieve high efficiency.In addition, far infrared electric heat pipe, thermal reflector, double layer insulation and large glass Windows are configured to improve the quality of the equipment.

On the basis of a qualified high quality oven, different types of bread also need to match the type of oven to make the bread itself delicious.Like a pine bread, Danish bread is better suited to a hot stove, because a hot stove can evaporate the water in a short period of time, making it more chewy.And the European, French bread is baked in a flat oven to achieve the crisp and hard texture.Soft bread is also suitable for baking in an open hearth, and if used in a hot stove, the bread will be drier and less effective.It can be seen that different bread needs to be equipped with suitable ovens, and manufacturers should not ignore this when choosing equipment.

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