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Lag Problems And Promote Development Of Domestic Packaging Machinery Industry

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Formation of China food and packaging machinery industry for 20 years, based on relatively weak, inadequate technical and scientific research, whose development is lagging behind, and to some extent dragging back for the food and packaging industry. Food packaging machinery can show the appearance, for the food industry is also a keep up appearances of things, only packaging machinery was tougher to make food packaging industry more attractive, more eye-catching, but looking at the packaging machinery industry, there are four questions, wished to adopt the interpretation of these issues, can be channelled to domestic packaging machinery companies more.

1, the lack of ability to develop. China food and packaging machinery is mainly generic, mapping, localization improvements, not research and development. Lack of innovation in product development, harder level. Backward means of production, most still use the obsolete equipment and processing. Not only a small number of new product development, and long development cycles. On the enterprise, often heavy enough light production and processing, research and development, innovation, unable to keep up with market demands timely delivery of products.

2, products and complete sets of small number. Most of the domestic production of single and abroad are supporting the production, few single sales. Only varieties of domestic equipment is unable to meet its domestic needs of food and packaging companies, profit margins on the factory single-machine production and sales on the other hand, lack of access to equipment sales efficiency, such as bag packaging machine...


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