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Machinery industry development status

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Vacuum packaging machine industry in China is only 20, the Foundation is relatively weak, inadequate technical and scientific research, whose development is lagging behind, and to some extent dragging back for the food and packaging industry. By 2010, domestic industrial output value reaching 130 billion yuan (current prices), while market demand is likely to reach 200 billion yuan. As soon as possible how to catch and grab this huge market is urgently needed to solve the problem.

Present situation of vacuum packaging machine industry of China

Vacuum packaging machine in China, starting in the late 70, annual output is only 70 million or 80 million Yuan, only more than 100 kinds of varieties, total sales increased 15 billion yuan from 1994 to 2000 in 30 billion yuan, 270 development of products from 1994 to 2000 and 3700 species.

Product level to a new level, began large-scale, integrated, automation trends in transmission of complex, high technology equipment began to appear. Can be said that Taiwan's machinery production to meet the basic domestic needs and started exports to Southeast Asia and the third world countries, such as 2000 years in China's imports and exports totaled $ 2.737 billion, of which exports to 1.29 billion dollars, 1999, increasing by 22.2%. In the export of machinery to food (dairy products, pastries, meats, fruit) processing machines, ovens, packaging, labeling, paper production equipment machinery exports more aluminum cans, food machinery such as sugar, wine, beverages, vacuum packaging machine, such as complete sets of equipment have started exporting.


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