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Maintenance of food baking equipment

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As is known to all, the food baking equipment industry produces products with seasonal and seasonal characteristics.For example, making cakes for the Spring Festival, making zongzi for the Dragon Boat Festival and making mooncakes for the Mid-Autumn festival.After the production peak season, bakery food manufacturers should repair and repair the processing equipment in time for reuse.

1. Recognize the characteristics of food baking equipment production.

Baked food industry used more and more advanced processing equipment, through the adoption of high and new technology, improve production efficiency, reducing energy consumption, increase the added value, ensure food safety, keep the food nutrition and flavor characteristics.After the application of high and new technology to bakery food processing equipment, the equipment performance is greatly improved, and new equipment and new products with higher technology content and more humanization are constantly being introduced.The devices highly efficiency, the use of mechanical and electrical integration technology and light, electricity, liquid, automatic control technology and so on, by the continuous production equipment instead of intermittent production equipment, the specialized production equipment instead of generalization of production equipment, by the large scale production equipment instead of the small and medium-sized production equipment, the production line to realize the automatic continuous production, professional operation, adjustment, scale management, improve the production efficiency and economic benefits.In baking food processing mode of production, there are more and more enterprises will be the focus of the quality assurance from the traditional to the final product inspection to to control of the key control points in the process of processing technology, its purpose lies in: one is to reduce the processing process error occurs, the man-made or equipment in the process of food processing errors reduce to a minimum;The second is to prevent the damage caused by mass production of substandard products by preventing the operation in conditions of unsanitary conditions, which may cause pollution or deterioration of quality.One of the main trends in the technology development of baking food processing equipment is to make the processing technology of baking food adapt to the overall control requirements of quality and safety.Comply with the quality safety requirements of baked goods, and start from the equipment itself, thus achieving the food processing and product safety.

2.The combination of maintenance and repair, prevention, plan and preventive maintenance.

The maintenance and maintenance of roasting food processing equipment should adhere to the policy of "combining maintenance and maintenance, prevention first, plan maintenance and preventive maintenance".For example, after the shutdown should be done to refueling, cleaning, adjustment, fastening, anti-corrosion and other daily maintenance work.Check and maintain the easy maintenance parts and key parts.Thoroughly clean the appearance, check the wear condition, replace the vulnerable parts.Oil, lubrication and cleaning.Adjust various parts to fit the gap and adjust the braking force.Tighten all parts.Check the reliability of all kinds of safety equipment and wire.Dynamic management is carried out according to the degree of wear and damage of machining equipment.Important parts and parts should be opened for inspection and maintenance in time.Repair or replace worn and damaged parts.All machine paint, the serial number of printing equipment should be standardized.Through the timely and effective maintenance, to ensure the applicability of the baking food processing equipment performance and reliability of the system, the stability of the operation and the safety of human and environment harmlessness, the rationality of the structure, technical economy, the standardization of the management.

3.the leadership attaches importance to, the division of labor is clear, the responsibility implementation.

Prepare food baking equipment, processing equipment maintenance work, must cause the enterprise leadership attaches great importance to, regardless of the manpower and material resources, financial resources, the job as a great event, to pay special attention to.Baking food processing equipment maintenance, maintenance is different from general processing equipment, for the food processing equipment in addition to meet the requirements of the safety of the general processing equipment, at the same time must ensure that the processing equipment itself on the degree of guarantee food quality and safety.Safety and health are superior to economic benefits.In the maintenance of processing equipment, safety and health is the key factor of maintenance. When the safety and health technical measures are in conflict with the economic benefits, the safety and health requirements should be given priority.There is no safe health, no real economic benefit.


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