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Methods of frying Fried food by fryer machine

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The frying process of several types of frying.

1, the popular Fried: materials by seasoning impregnated shapes in 7-9 mature (about 180 c a 220 ℃) of Fried in oil.The water loss is faster and the heating time is short.Generally suitable:

1) large body, thick meat, deep yellow color, crisp skin and crisp skin:

2) the surface is covered with water powder, crispy paste, and single shot dry starch raw material.In order to make the finished product to be crispy and tender, it must be Fried twice.At the time of frying, the oil temperature should be high, commonly known as crispy Fried, dry Fried, crisp Fried.This kind of product mainly has fragrant Fried duck, blasting bell, dry Fried ridges and so on.

2. Special Fried: different from the special deep-frying methods mentioned above, such as oil immersion, oil spill, etc.This special deep-frying method is generally applicable to:

1) the texture is especially crisp and delicate with small plant materials;

2) large and tender animal material.In the latter processing, the raw material is larger, the oil temperature of frying is high, and can not be heated in the high temperature for a long time, so as to avoid the water loss too large.Depending on the size and nature of the raw materials, the fire should be extinguished immediately after the following series, mainly using the waste heat of oil to heat slowly in the oil pan, and the finished product will have a low oil temperature.Commonly known as oil immersion.

3. High pressure frying: it is a special method of frying in a pressure cooker, and its main features are the one order pressure bomb.The finished product is golden yellow, tender inside, such as rong hua chicken.

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