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Mixer use and maintenance

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Mixer use and maintenance

1. Use of the mixer

(1) Before using the mixer, you should understand the performance, working principle and operating procedures of the equipment, and strictly follow the procedures.

(2) The mixing tank must be placed securely to avoid malfunction when mixing.

(3) The mixer should not be overloaded. Don't try to save a lot of materials at a time. Avoid running for a long time.

(4) Before using the mixer, check whether the components are in good condition.

(5) During the operation of the equipment, the shifting handle must not be forced to change the speed. First turn off the mixer and then change the speed. Otherwise, the transmission and transmission components will be damaged.

(6) When the abnormal sound is heard during the operation of the equipment, it should be stopped immediately and checked, and the operation can be continued after the fault is eliminated.

(7) Do not put any debris on the equipment to prevent the debris from falling into the machine and damaging the equipment.

2. Maintenance of the mixer

(1) Equipment with gearbox should replenish lubricating oil in time, maintain a certain amount of oil, reduce friction and avoid gear wear.

(2) Regularly perform maintenance inspections on the main components, consumable parts, and electric motors of the equipment.

(3) Always keep the mixer clean. Wipe it with weak alkaline warm water when cleaning the outside of the mixer. Turn off the power during cleaning to prevent accidents.


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