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Olive Oil Meets Liquid Filling Machine

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Olive oil is known in the west as "liquid gold", and it is believed that many people in the country already know such a nutritious cooking oil.Olive oil is mostly found along the Mediterranean coast, and the southern part of China is also cultivated.Olive oil contains higher levels of unsaturated fatty acids than other oils, rich in vitamins and no cholesterol, and the body has a high absorption rate.It is regarded as the most valuable edible oil for human health.Not only high value but also good cosmetic effect.Such a good oil would certainly deserve to be called the "filling machine gold" olive oil filling machine.

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1. Adopts independent research and development of long pump more filling method, a corresponding a metering pump, nozzle can effectively improve the filling accuracy and stability, and convenient maintenance, inverter adjusting two-speed filling oil spill, filling is completed automatically back to the suction not drip.

2. The core components of the main body are all the first-line brands such as Siemens and yidke, which are national standard parts, easy to purchase, easy to maintain, and standardized design for parts, with reliable interchangeability.

3. In the form of a servo motor to drive the piston filling, PLC and friendly man-machine interface, with the characteristics of a lack of bottle is not filling the attached storage backup multiple sets of parameters, can be called memory data, the change of filling measurement more convenient.

4. Fully automatic olive oil production line: bottle, filling, top cover, screw cover, sealing, labeling, spraying, packing, packing, etc.

5. The device itself has automatic checking and filling capacity, equipped with automatic detection, rapid positioning of containers, and no container without filling.

6. When filling, the oil nozzle is not inserted into the lifting movement of the bottle body, and the cylinder movement is less to prolong its service life and also saves the filling time.

7. The unique automatic bottle system can accurately locate the inconsistent oil bottle and ensure that the nozzle is in accordance with the bottle mouth when filling.

8. Double speed reducer, double section conveyor design, filling and gland independent, ensure that the filling and gland do not affect each other.


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