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Is a seal used to cook the food or the oven drying the product electrical, divided into household appliances and industrial oven. Home ovens can be used to process some pasta. Like bread, pizza, egg tarts, biscuits and the like can also do snacks. Some oven roasted chicken. Usually fragrant. Industrial oven, products used for industrial drying equipment, electric, gas, also known as oven, drying, and so on.

Home oven into a desktop small toaster oven and embedded in two ways.

Benchtop oven advantages are very flexible, you can choose different configurations of the oven, due to the quality and configuration of, the price ranges from hundreds of thousands of Yuan, foreign brands are usually more expensive and domestic product cost is relatively high, many foreign brands are in domestic OEM OEM. Recommended with the "non-stick oil tank" models, the long-term use of the cleaner.

Another is embedded the oven, is a small oven upgrade, and ultimate Edition. Because of its greater power, baking speed and good sealing (generally use rubber seals), good insulation (three-layer glass and insulation), exact temperature control and loved by more and more people. Due to 2007-2013 the pursuit of health, outside food due to too many additives in a cake shop, a growing number of middle-class families have noticed this problem, started eating their own baking food. 2013 embedded ovens for household use is relatively high, generally imported in seven thousand or eight thousand tens of thousands of domestic big brands are about seven thousand or eight thousand (side too), because the civilian route, with higher quality (its products have been exported to Europe) sales have been very good.


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