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Packaging machinery equipment safety industry standards

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Packaging machinery equipment safety industry standards

We all know that use packaging machinery packaging products can increase productivity, reduce labor intensity, adapt to the needs of mass production, and meet the requirements of clean sanitation, similarly, we also need to understand more of the industry standard for packaging machinery equipment safety     

1. The packaging machine shall fix the product label at the obvious place, and specify the main technical parameters necessary for the normal operation of the machine or equipment, such as: rated current and voltage rated pressure and thermal temperature, etc.  

2. The safety requirements of the hydraulic transmission system on the packaging machinery should comply with the requirements of GB3766, and the safety requirements of the pneumatic system shall comply with the requirements of GB7932.   

3. The safety requirements of the packaging machinery and electrical equipment shall comply with the relevant provisions of GB5226 standard.  

4. Packaging machinery can cause bodily harm on the dangerous parts of the corresponding security measures must be taken as a relative motion components, such as clamping shearing must ensure that the safety distance between the moving parts, in case the operator is task or cut Can cause dangerous phoresy device should be placed inside the body exposed the personal safety of the influence of rotation move or reciprocating motion of the parts must be to take protective measures in the moving parts on the leakage position or highlight part must be smooth or protection 

5. The parts that may be loose in mechanical operation must have reliable anti-loose measures.  

6. The packing machine should be equipped with the corresponding device to avoid the harm to the operator.  

7. The packing machine only requires the motor to rotate in one direction and the steering marks must be made on the motor or in the appropriate parts. 

8. Personnel into the workspace has great danger, should be in the workspace setting safety protection device when the protective device packaging machinery of the whole work area of the isolation, the components of the dangers of working area is not up to protect device workspace protective device Settings should guarantee a safe distance. 

9. To operate or set up the packaging machinery, the equipment shall be equipped with a platform and a ladder to the platform and a protective railing. 

10. The packaging machinery should have interlock protection to stop the machine or equipment from working when the fault occurs. 

11. The packaging machinery should be equipped with a safety switch. In any emergency, press this switch to stop the accident.   

12. When the machine or equipment enters the movement state, it is necessary to remind all personnel to leave the dangerous area in time, and the packaging machinery should be equipped with the alarm device.

13. Shall be clearly marked on packaging machinery control lubrication security or warning signs and safety color and safety sign shall comply with the terms of GB2893 and GB2894, symbol of graphic symbols should comply with relevant standards or regulations.

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