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Packaging machines

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In simple terms, packing machines are the products packaged machines, protection, beautiful role. Packaging machine is divided into 2 areas: 1. Assembly-line production as a whole package. 2. external packaging equipment.

Assembly-line production as a whole package, used in food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, hardware, lighting, furniture industry (bags, bottle) filling (filling), sealing machine, coding.

Includes: liquid (paste) the pillow filling machine, packing machine, powder packing machine, bag automatic packing machine, automatic packing machine for frozen products and so on.

A wide variety of packaging machines, many classification methods. From different of views starting can has variety, by mechanical type is divided into: liquid packaging machine, and powder agent packaging machine, and particles packaging machine, and posted body packaging machine, and sauce class packaging machine, and electronic combination scales packaging machine, and pillow type packaging machine; by packaging role points, has within packaging, and outsourcing packaging machine; by packaging industry points, has food, and daily chemical, and textiles, packaging machine; by packaging station points, has single station, and more station packaging machine; by Automation degree points, has semi-automatic, and automatic packaging machine,.

Vacuum packaging machine according to the different packages will be placed, horizontal and vertical vacuum packaging machines vacuum packaging machines. Horizontal packaging of the vacuum packaging machine is horizontal; vertical vacuum packaging machines packaging is placed vertically. Level of vacuum packaging machines are more common in the market.

1, excluding the packaging container portion of air (oxygen), can prevent food spoilage.

2, the use of barrier (tightness) excellent packaging material and sealing technology and strict requirements, can effectively prevent the exchange of packaging material, you can avoid foods weight loss, loss of taste, and to prevent secondary pollution.

3, vacuum packaging gases within the excluded, accelerates the conduction of heat, which can increase heat efficiency, avoiding the heat sterilization, rupture of the container due to expansion of the gas.

In the food industry, vacuum packing is very common, a variety of cooked products such as chicken, ham, sausages and other; pickled products such as pickles and bean products, dried fruit and other various needs of fresh food are increasingly used in vacuum packaging. Long after vacuum packing of food preservation period, greatly extending the shelf life of foods.


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