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Packing Solutions for Powders

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Packing Solutions for Powders 

Are you looking for packing solutions for your powder products ?

Shanghai Mooha offers a different range of powder filling machines,  which is ideal for everything from chemicals to spices. 

We supply both automatic and semi-automatic equipment which can work safely and effectively. 

Our auger filler machines ensure products like  white sugar, powdered milk, spices, and flour are packaged accurately. 

Whether you want to buy new machines ,  or you need to replace older equipment, our modern powder filling machine will be your best choice . 

It will enable you to package your product more efficiently and streamline your production.

The powder products that can work with our machines are as follows :

talc/talcum powder 

baking soda


ink toner

body powders

baby powders

corn starch

infant formulas

milk powder 

spices and seasonings 

super food powder

baby formula 

cooking powder 

baking powder 

chocolate powder 

hairy dye 


garlic powder

protein powder 

whey powder

pharma powder

cosmetic powder 

Other powder products filling requirements ,please feel free to contact us ,we can design and custom made according to your special needs.


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