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Packing machine development

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China has become the world's largest commodity-producing and exporting countries, while global attention has focused on the fastest, largest and most potential Chinese packaging market. Although the domestic packaging machinery market prospects, such as single-machine automation, stability and reliability, appearance is not beautiful, short life span also makes domestic packaging machinery products, such as ridicule.

Security detection technologies: security is the first keyword in any industry, especially in the packaging industry. Reflected in the packaging machinery for food safety were not restricted to simple physical parameters of the ranges, but also to pay attention to color of food, raw materials, and other factors. Packaging machinery in expanding the scope of application, continue to request new machinery manufacturers and suppliers of automation products.

Motion control technology: motion control technology developed rapidly in the country, but in the packaging machinery sector rising momentum seemed sluggish. Motion control products and the role of technology in packaging machinery is mainly to achieve accurate position control and strict requirements of speed, mainly for loading and unloading, transportation, marking, palletizing, depalletizing and other processes. Professor Li believed that motion control technology is the difference between high, medium and low end packaging machinery one of the key factors, China packaging machinery upgrades and technical support.

Flexible production: the major enterprises to adapt to market competition, product replacement cycle is becoming shorter. It is understood that cosmetics production can be up to three years, or even a quarter, while production volume is relatively large, so flexibility and agility for packaging machinery has made a very high demands: packaging machinery of life is far greater than the life cycle of the product. Because the only way to meet the requirements of the production economic. To consider flexible concept from three aspects: flexibility, flexibility in the structure and flexibility of supply.

Manufacturing execution systems: in recent years, integrated technology in the packaging industry develops rapidly. Many types of packaging machinery and equipment, which makes products from different manufacturers docking interface, equipment and industrial machines, information between the device and the transmission is in great difficulty. In this case, packaging enterprises turned to manufacturing execution systems (MES) solutions.


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