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Potato chips frying machine on the market of why the price gap so big

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Fried potato chips is a kind of leisure product common Fried snacks, and used in Fried Fried equipment in the machinery industry is also relatively routine a Fried equipment, maybe a lot of manufacturers in the choose and buy when feeling is the same as the potato chips frying machine, but why the price difference is very big, in fact, the price gap is normal, because look at appearance of Fried about equipment, there is a big gap,

1. Plate of potato chip frying machine.

While in the process of frying machine have explicitly pointed out that the choose and buy equipment USES the food grade stainless steel SUS304 processing manufacturing and become, but some businesses in order to seek more interest, will adopt 201 material, material 304 and 201 material in appearance seems to have no gap, but the material 201 less than the use fixed number of year of 304, and still no corrosion resistance, 304 materials of frying machine use fixed number of year is about 201 material for 3 to 5 times higher than frying machine.

2. The motor of potato chip frying machine.

In order to guarantee the quality and durability of the frying machine, the motor adopts the European standard VRV motor, which is specially used for the motor use of the food equipment.However, the ordinary motor USES high power and energy consumption, which is prone to malfunction during the operation, and problems will occur within one year.

3, electrical

The all Fried equipment produced by our company adopts famous brand electrical appliances delixi electric or chint electric appliances, never because at that time with bad low-end products to the interests of the appliance, user security hidden danger, the user's interests above all else.

4. Electric heat pipe

Electric heating frying equipment can use electric heat pipe, our company USES is resistive heating tube, service life is long, can high thermal stability, heating speed, and the southern electric heat pipe on the market are worlds apart, but the buyer at the time of purchase frying machine these issue cannot be found.

5. Burner

Buyers in the purchase of fuel gas will encounter the same after frying machine is the same as process gas Fried machine models, the price will be 3000-3000 range, small make up to tell you, there are a lot of articles, burning machine has imported combustion machine and domestic combustion machine, imported combustion machine higher thermal efficiency, warming faster, and my company use combustion machine adopts imported Italian burning machine.

6. Insulation system

Thermal insulation system is also nots allow to ignore a link, of course because insulation system inside the frying machine, look not to come out at all from the appearance, a good thermal insulation system of Fried machine is made of high quality pollution-free aluminum silicate as heat preservation, and ordinary frying equipment to reduce the cost of its own use inferior rock wool, heat preservation effect is poor, and do not conform to the food hygiene safety standards.

7. Different process.

More common Fried technology on the market is the oil-water mixed Fried process, because the technology is the use of the principle of proportion of oil and water of different effective filter residue line, but in the true sense of oil-water mixture Fried craft manufacturer rarely, plus special mechanical technology achieved in this respect in the true sense of oil-water mixture technology, maybe people in the process of buying frying machine don't know the real meaning of oil-water mixture, think that as long as the upper oil is lower is the water is oil-water mixture, actually otherwise, the real water-oil mixed Fried process, the temperature of the water must be controlled in the normal temperature state can play a real role,And the water-oil mixed Fried machine on the market of water temperature in the seventies and degrees or so, fall from the residue soon goes bad in hot water, hasn't come yet and will residue filtered has gone bad, frying oil pollution, cause the frying oil changed frequently, the cost of unnecessary waste.

8. Different after-sales service.

It is difficult to know in advance, because it can't buy equipment do not know the company's after-sales service is good, only to buy the equipment, the late need to manufacturers of after-sales service to know whether I really was as good as said time when purchasing equipment, but even if not too late, it's need to buyer at the time of buying equipment must study the company's after-sales service that, although there are other words do not need to after-sales service of the equipment is good, but I can't guarantee that the equipment is not a what accident, if there is a problem to ensure rapid processing in time this is the high quality service,Shanghai better after-sales service policy, mechanical technology is the machine one year warranty, life-long maintenance free, this is not the words, but the real do, in line with for the sake of customers, the principle for customer service, customer requirements as the duty of our manufacturer.

The potato chips frying machine that sells on the market is varied, price difference is big, so small make up remind friends in the process of frying machine can refer to the choose and buy small make up to several enlightenment, much more, of course, you get what you pay for, since you decided to buy equipment, cannot covet is cheap to choose in the equipment of outrageous price.A good deep-fried equipment must be a cost-effective device, and we hope every friend can order the ideal equipment.


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