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Products Of Bag Packaging Machine In China

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With the start of the industrial revolution, and gradually replaced the traditional artisanal production model in production machinery. Near for decades years to, people on products of packaging consciousness increasingly high, packaging industry also get has is quickly of development, for example to bags type packaging machine it on is freshman part instead of has manual packaging, for large, and small scale enterprise achieved has packaging automation, operation personnel as long as one-time will hundreds of a bag put in equipment of take bags Department, equipment mechanical caught will automatically of take bags, and print date, and open bags, and to measurement device signal measurement and fell material, and sealing, and output. Customers can also be based on product packaging needs additional door stop details such as abnormal discharge, automatic card, features, packaging process without manual operations, effectively improve the production efficiency, saves labor costs and administrative expenses, dramatically reducing the cost.

Automatic bag packing machine adopts advanced PLC and POD (touch-screen) electrical control systems, friendly interface, easy operation, and is equipped with detection devices, machines can be detected without packaging or packages do not open the filling device without filling, sealing device not sealed, thus avoiding waste of packaging materials and raw materials. Using frequency converter speed regulating device in production according to actual need to adjust within a certain range, quick change bag size, automatic bag packaging machine may have adjustment handles easily adjust the width of each mechanical claw in revising the specification from just 10 mechanical claw can be completed through a bolt size conversion, simple operation. Normal life in more than 10 years.

Domestic bag packaging is in good condition to complete the production needs of SMEs, but packing speed, accuracy and abroad there is a big gap that many enterprises choose foreign equipment of the production line, makes the purchase of equipment, operation, maintenance costs increase significantly. Individuals feel the lack of spirit of the research and development of domestic enterprises or independent research and development capacity.


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