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Rotary Oven Price

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Rotary Oven Price

Rotary oven is a kind of a medium baking equipment which heating combustion room with different energy, putting air into oven through the heat exchanger and the fan, then the food is baked. As heated by hot air, it is also known as hot air rotary oven. The equipment is suitable for mass production. You can bake bread, toast, moon cake, cake, wife cake, egg yolks, puff and all kinds of meat, seafood and other food processing.

Rotary oven heating source can be divided into several kinds: conventional power, diesel, gas, hybrid electric and coal type etc.. According to the size of output, there are  16 pans, 32 pans, 64 pans. According to the models of cart, there are platform, hook type, single, and double trolley cart. Rotary oven price also differs according to the different models. According to the control mode, there are traditional instrument control, intelligent PLC touch screen control, and dual mode control. The material surface and the internal are all stainless steel. Rotary oven price will also vary according to the control mode. The transmission is shipment or bulk. The installation is on-site.

Rotary Oven Price

Rotary oven is a kind of large machinery, so the price will be higher. Generally rotary oven price is more than ten thousand Yuan and its service life is long.
1 The trolley type baking, vehicle push, a large quantity of products, saving, uniform in color, tasted good.

2 The special air duct design can ensure sufficient convection and the oven temperature distribution is uniform, three stage adjustable tubers, adapt to different seasons and different products, special requirements for the baking quality.

3 It is equipped with automatic exhaust mechanism, which absorbs heat when you open the door and prevent face from the hot effectively.

4 The special design make the door open and close automatically, which meet the car import and sealing temperature requirements.

5 Comparing with the same oven, it has the advantages of space saving, energy saving, saving manpower.

6 Three layers of insulation design, low heat loss.

7 Fast and slow wind speed, through the choice of hot air circulation speed, coordination to the curing speed and quality.

8 When you open the door, the turntable automatic positioning stop ,which is convenient for car import; Automatically closed can improve the efficiency.

9 It has timing function, which is easy to control the baking time.

10 Heating system, transmission system, exhaust system, the speed of wind motor systems all have abnormal monitoring devices. When the system is abnormal, the operation interface sticks out a mile.

Rotary Oven Operation

Rotary oven should be performed by trained and evaluation person.

The preparation before operation:

1 to confirm whether the power supply normal;

2 to confirm that no foreign in the oven body;

3 to confirm the exhaust system is working properly.

Open and shutdown sequence:

1 Open the power supply, select the time and temperature, roasting preheating, to achieve preheating temperature, open the oven door roast cart into the oven, close the door, choose the baking time, press the start button, the oven start to work;

2 Remove the baked car before stop, close system, enter into the sleep state, then shutting down the total power.

Safety precautions 

1 When in use, be aware of burns.

2 Before and after the operation, the oven must be timely cleaned and disinfection of residue.

3 If you discovered there is any abnormal situation, please inform the engineering staff.
The price of rotary oven is higher, so the daily maintenance needed.

Daily Maintenance Contents

When the oven completely is cooled, clean the inside of the kitchen, glass and appearance with warm water and cleaning agent. During the cleaning, the using of detergent or any containing acidic and bleaching agent material is forbidden; steel wool and metal brush are also allowed. You should use soft cloth with clean water and keeping the cloth wet, do not wet to water. You can use the same method to clean all kinds of cars.

For customers who use oil, check the oil tank storage inspection before using, to ensure that the machines will not cut off oil in use. Wiping the outside of the oil tank after day work with detergent and soft cloth and the oil valve is closed.


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