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Soft packaging filling speed is the hard truth

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Bottled filling machines are the most common in the bottling machine market. Nowadays, there are many types of packaging, but there are two types: bottled and bagged.Soft packaging filling machine, namely bag filling machine, is to comply with this development business opportunity and expand.

Our company is used in the soft packaging of liquid raw materials (plastic bags, boxes, etc.) quantitative filling, filling adopts the quality measurement method.The main pneumatic and electrical components are imported parts to ensure stable system and excellent quality.The filling machine has the characteristics of simple structure, reliable performance, simple operation, easy to install and mobile.

Packing Speed(bags/mins)
Measurement Range(ml) Bag Size(mm)



Weight (kg) Boundary Dime-nsion(mm)
MQD-140 30-50 50-100 L:30-190 W:20-135 1.9 2400 1000*900*1700

Filling speed is quicker than the unit of time at the same level. Flexible packaging filling machine filling speed directly decided the enterprise's production efficiency, flexible packaging filler filling fast deliveries to finish so fast filling is the absolute principle.The device can not only fill the filling speed with high accuracy but also up to 0.2%.Companies can use it safely.

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