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Technical characteristics and process flow of shredded cake production line

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An overview of

The shredded cake production lines, just remove the dough from the blender after completion of ferment, can through the machine shredded cake production line directly by the conveyor belt to surface pipe diameter by pressure, after such action is made with thin, and use a wide machine will face again stretched thin below thickness is 1 mm, then up and down automatically by the oil evenly daub, automatic sprinkle with scallions and spices, with large volume to make thin skin into a rod to form level, and then to jig machine before and after cutting off, after manual volume for the spiral, into the cold storage awaiting shipment.As long as the technical performance index is in the domestic similar model advanced level.

Main features:

The machine adopts PLC and touch screen memory function, the whole machine element adopts the famous brand to ensure the stable and reliable product.The operation is simple, the quality is stable, there is no pole adjustment in a certain range, the production process is automatic, the structure is compact, the performance is stable, the maintenance is convenient.

scope of application: 

hand grasp bread, onion bread, yilan green onion cakes, bread left India, Arab crust, all kinds of cake skin products, such as plus and laminating machine can be finished mash into the pie, and automatic laminating machine, the output and can automatically quantitative stack molding, directly into the next process.


This production line by the conveyor belt, the dough into noodles machine, roller noodle press, face skin expansion machine, face more bag filling machine, cutting machine, disk combination composition, high and low speed can according to the practical production.

production quantity:

The production rate of this production line is 20-240 / min.

Production process:

As long as a man, put the face skin to be the products in this line of conveyor belt, the dough will put into the stuffing for the filling hopper at the same time, a person is put in the end of the line after finished the house can complete the whole production process, so as to greatly improve the production efficiency of enterprises, reduce the production cost of enterprises.


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