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The Improvement Of Dough Mixer

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To be within the required time, create maximum benefit for yourself, make sure that your bakery equipment production lines work well and there is no delay in the production process, so try to avoid the waste of time and failures before they can obtain the maximum benefit to the enterprise. 

Improvement in the level of automation in the Baking industry, the scope of application is expanding. The double speed and surface dough mixer of the bakery equipment is my reference to the advanced product development company specializing in the baking industry products.The surface plane of the blender and mixing barrel can be operated simultaneously,using a spiral stirrer,stir the dough bar high,well into the furnace expansion force,reduce production costs,two-speed partner ,barrels have positive,easy to operate,freely control the mixing time,simple to use,easy to maintenance,is a good assistant bakery for canteens,restaurants and production of dough used.Dough Mixer 13.jpg

The use of dough mixer is the most basic and important step in baking industry.Controlling this step is critical to the whole process of baking.



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