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The Introductions Of Cellophane Tri-dimensiona Overwrapping Machine

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The cellophane tri-dimensiona overwrapping machine is the equipment that uses cellophane or BOPP film to carry on the three-dimensional packing of the cardboard boxes and packing materials of different specifications.This machine in our company absorbed the domestic and foreign similar products advanced technology on the basis of innovative design, and its mechanical linkage thought subject, adopts stepless frequency conversion speed regulation and control of electrical accessories, integrating machine, electricity, gas, with stable and reliable running, sealing strong, smooth and beautiful, etc.It can automatically package, heat seal, count, and paste the anti - counterfeit easy line.The packaging speed can be stepless speed regulation, the missing box is not more than the film, the color standard (according to the customer's demand) and so on function, in the case of changing a few parts, can pack different specification of the box type article.

This machine is suitable for single automatic packaging of various carton boxes products in drug, health product, food, cosmetics, stationery and audio & video products such as the packaging of single box and bundled box of drug, pocker, VCD, DVD, CD boxes, tape, cigarette, napkin paper, chewing gum, eraser etc. Functional features: this machine is controlled by PLC interface, which is drived by cylinder, and the film falling system is controlled by servo motor. The dimension of film could be adjusted freely. It has the features of stable and reliable operation, firm sealing.

The tear tape has the U-type easy tear gap. The machine is made up of imported alloy and closed protection shell. The appearance is very beautiful and attractive, and it is very easy to be operated.tri-dimensiona overwrapping machine.jpg


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