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The application of automatic technology to frying machine

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The application of automation technology is the fastest and most active technology in the mechanical field, and it is the focus of the new generation of mechanical technology development and competition.With the development of The Times, food machinery automation technology application in food industry gradually obtained the popularization, the application of automation technology in food industry, is through to the food processing production procedure and process automation design and improve the efficiency of industrial production.

Analysis of three main performance techniques of frying machine.

A, Fried machine snack food has the color preserving effect: the use of frying, the frying temperature is relatively low, and the oxygen concentration in the frying machine also becomes low. Fried food is not easy to fade, discoloration and Browning, which can keep the original color of raw materials.

B. Fried machine snack food has the protective effect: the frying machine is Fried, the raw material is heated in the sealed vacuum state. Most of the ingredients in the raw material are water-soluble, which is not dissolved in oil, and as the raw material is dehydrated, the flavor components are further enriched. Therefore, the use of frying technology can well preserve the original flavor of raw materials.

C, Fried machine snack food has the degree of reducing grease and deterioration: the deterioration of frying oil includes oxidation, polymerization, thermal decomposition, frying machine and hydrolysis mainly by water or water vapor contact with oil. In the process of frying, the oil is in negative pressure condition, dissolve in oils and fats in the gas, to escape quickly a large number of water vapor pressure is small, and frying temperature is low, therefore, the oil degradation is reduced greatly.

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