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The cake counter add flavor to all kinds of desserts

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One important function of cupcake cabinet is to display the product, so the front of the cake cabinet on the market adopts the panoramic design to meet the demand of the product.From glass, cake cabinets need to deal with the customer accidentally collision, clear glass display goods, both inside and outside temperature is not a temporary anti-fog, requirements, so the cake cabinet in production when using steel hollow glass to make more, and to prevent mist glass processing.For anti-fogging, we can also use the refrigerator to adopt air cooling method to refrigerate and prevent the production of fog.Show the lights, the baffle height also can affect the display effect, most current cake ark can combination plate, diaphragm Angle can be adjust themselves, lights a double row of light, color display products better, show maximum optimization effect.

In fact, cupcakes are not just a platform for dessert, but a tool for storing dessert.According to the temperature, the cupcake cabinet can be divided into two kinds: room temperature cake cabinet and cold cake cabinet.In comparison, the room temperature cake cabinet only show and isolate the dust effect, cannot store the food such as cake, bread for a long time, need to carry on regular change to the food.The cupcake display cabinet is mainly used for the preservation of plant-based foods, and the refrigerated cake cabinet needs to ensure that the juice contained in this kind of food is not lower than its freezing point and remains fresh.For refrigerated cake cabinet, relatively frequent start times and operation time for a long time, need to use a better compressor to run support, at present most of the refrigerated cake cabinet with commercial compressor refrigeration, low failure rate.The use of copper tube for refrigerant delivery pipe and refrigeration system can not only accelerate the cooling speed, but also prevent the outflow of refrigerant.

We know that the cold storage tank is the most feared dead Angle in the refrigeration process, and the uneven temperature will lead to the acceleration of food corruption.Some refrigerated cake cabinets adopt air-cooling shunt technology, and the cooling effect is even, eliminating the dead Angle of refrigeration.In addition, for the convenience of merchants to check the temperature, there is a cold storage cake cabinet with precise digital temperature control, which can adjust the temperature of the cabinet at any time through the liquid crystal temperature control button.

The refrigerated cake cabinet, while protecting the freshness of the food, requires the power to be cooled.The hot summer is approaching, and the working hours of refrigeration system of refrigerated cake cabinet are gradually lengthening, and how to save energy becomes the main thinking direction of the production of refrigerator cake cabinet.Some refrigerated cake cabinets are equipped with super-sized radiators, which can make refrigeration faster and more energy efficient through fast distribution of heat.The increasing laminar flow optimizes the air curtain, makes the cabinet warm even, and achieves high efficiency and energy saving.For refrigerated cake cabinets that produce frost, natural air defrost is used to reduce power consumption.

In the current intelligent heat, the refrigerator cake cabinet is also in the direction of intellectualization.In terms of function, refrigerated cake cabinet is mainly faced with refrigeration.At present, China has implanted microcomputer system inside the cake cabinet to control the temperature in the cabinet to ensure the freshness of food.Also, the refrigerated cabinets produced by enterprises have the function of monitoring, and the temperature will automatically alarm in the absence of temperature, so as to avoid potential crisis.

In addition, businesses are using refrigerated cupcakes to keep the amount of stock in the cupcake cabinet.Because overloading can bring overload to the product, it will lead to the work of the team leader of refrigerating cake cabinet, and the temperature will decrease slowly, so some control will be needed in the process of piling goods.

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