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The complete production line of egg roll with production machines

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There are dozens of flavors of egg rolls on the market today, and new products are being rolled out.However, the main reason to achieve "rich and colorful" is the improvement of processing technology and the improvement of technical equipment.

The production of egg rolls needs to be processed by raw material stirring, baking, filling core, roll forming and cooling.The stirring is to use the planetary mixer to mix wheat flour, edible vegetable oil and other raw materials into a uniform texture.The mixing uniformity and speed of the mixer is the consideration of the production enterprises. Now most of the mixers can meet these two requirements, and the stirring effect is good and the efficiency is high.


After stirring, the batter will go into the baking phase by the pulping machine.It is more difficult to control the process of production and the safety of food.In modern production line, wafer roll for filling and core even after baking, and because a lot of production enterprises of wafer roll size specifications will vary, manufacturing enterprise production filling and core equipment generally have suitable for a variety of specifications will not note core core or the performance of the single and double color face cone, filling and other core length can be adjusted according to demand.The safety of the egg rolls with manual filling is not guaranteed, and the core equipment made of stainless steel is more safe and reliable.


For raw materials mixing, baking, filling and core processes make omelets more delicious, and on the packaging production enterprises to ensure quality intact main will adopt independent small package and box packing these two forms.Usually, the egg rolls we buy in the supermarket are pillow cases. With the continuous improvement of science and technology, many automatic high-tech configurations are injected into pillow cases.As our company produces the egg roll pillow packaging machine, man-machine interface, fault self-diagnosis function, double frequency converter control, digital input, sealing and cutting positions such as automation equipment has more competitive advantage.


In addition to pillow packaging, the box packing is also more common, which is to put a certain amount of egg rolls in the box, and then pack the whole box.Such packaging helps reduce the shape and taste of the egg rolls during transportation and sales.However, compared with pillow packaging, pillow packaging can be small and convenient to carry, save and waste.Cartons are packed in whole boxes and there are usually not many small sizes of egg rolls in a single product, so it is inconvenient to carry and save more trouble.It can be seen that both types of packaging have advantages and disadvantages, and they are mainly used according to their own needs.


Whether it is the shell of egg roll or the soft filling, it is realized step by step in the coordination of the processing equipment such as agitator, filling machine and packaging machine.Therefore, good equipment plays a "leading role" in food production, and the production enterprises should choose the equipment according to the requirements and the quality of the mechanical equipment.

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