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The development of labelling machine has led to the progress of modern packaging industry

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In recent years, the development of labeling machine has proved that the analysis of market demand and efforts to meet the market demand can promote the development of the market and promote the new development of the whole industry.It has played an important role since it was put on the history stage, especially in the food industry, which is loved and respected by the majority of users.At the beginning, the requirement of the labeling machine market was to display the information of the food in front of the customers, but with the development of the market economy, the labeling was more beautiful.The label not only carries the basic information of food, such as production date, shelf life, manufacturer and so on, also should foil food, make it more beautiful.

Labeling machine tag labeling work, it is a not allow to any careless link, because the label display can reflect a product packaging overall effect, and it is also the most intuitive feelings can give consumers a kind of performance, if tags do not have solid, or a blister, is not standard, so would not have good impression to consumers, consumers may be anathema to, don't be chosen, that also is impossible to sales and competition with other similar products.Label, as an important part of commodity packaging, labeling machine manufacturers no longer ignore this part of the advantage of easy, positive to the introduction of labeling machine suitable for production equipment, use them to give their product packaging.

For labelling machines, it is particularly important whether the material used in the label can improve the firmness of the label, because it affects whether the label can be properly marked during the operation.Generally the thickness of the paper label to control more than 100 um, while the small area of the label is not suitable for the big labels, in addition to pay attention to the label material thickness and area, but also pay attention to the bottom of the label paper surface is coated with silicon even, whether to have good tensile strength but also have good pervious to light.At the same time, before the operation, general meeting to processing of labels, this request after cutting the bottom paper on both sides of level off, without a break, to avoid tension fracture changes when the bottom line, in addition to eliminate the drum in front of the label paper label inside the electrostatic, because of static electricity will cause the labeling is not allowed without the label or labeling of the phenomenon.

Application description of anti-counterfeiting label for various industry labeling machines:

1. Food industry: the competition in food manufacturing industry is fierce, and the multi-layer label provides more space for the manufacturers to promote and promote, and presents new challenges for the design of labelling machines.

2, beverage industry: the application of the beverage industry, the requirement of high speed and accurate positioning, and often a more standard, tag shape and material change frequently, when labeling technique requirements for position control.

3. The daily chemical industry: the application of the daily chemical industry requires that the container's shape is changeable and often changes with each passing day.The plastic container of soft body and "no label visual sense" can also increase the difficulty in the accuracy of labeling and the control of bubble elimination.

4. Battery industry: the battery manufacturing industry has widely used the labeling machine for the use of the shrink label.A well-designed labeling function also ensures that the interface of the label is smooth while running at high speed, and the function of preventing short circuit and providing label contraction is also considered.


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