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The perfect production of a baguette

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It is a kind of traditional French bread made of flour, water, salt and yeast. It is usually not added with oil, preservatives, sugar and other materials.Nowadays, it is no longer just handicraft products, but industrial production allows it to scale production and meet the increasing demand of the market.

Dough mixer, molding machine, oven and so on are the components of the industrial production line.The characteristic of the stick is that it is soft and resilient, which requires mastery of the dough and the fermentation stage.Manual and noodles are very time-consuming and laborious, and people who bake in the home will know that the dough is very difficult to reach, and it is not easy to reach the dough with the hand to form a film.So, dough mixer has become an important part of family baking.

Compared with family and noodle machines, the power and capacity of commercial and noodle machines are better.For example, in Shanghai MOOHA's rotary drum mixer, its positive spiral mixing method allows the dough to absorb sufficient moisture, and the reverse rotation groove realizes the synchronous speed to more concentrated kneading dough.In addition, the mixer also has automatic cutting function to ensure the operation safety. The engine can change the speed on the basis of the non-moving gear to achieve the advantages of long service life and convenient maintenance.It is certainly more efficient and convenient compared with the human being, and it is more suitable for mass production. In the background of market development, the performance of equipment is constantly improved.

The characteristics of the stick can be not only the inner softness, the toughness is so simple, its skin is also very crisp, it is closely related to the baking system.The author has made several bread, the baking is one of the more difficult steps, the time and temperature of the control is not good to achieve the desired effect.

Industrialization stick has a cooking method, the manufacturer has its own summed up the experience, products are in production to achieve the optimal state after many experiments, for the oven equipment control experience.And now on the market of oven, oven, such as easy operation, on the load, the performance is also more and more high, just like Shanghai MOOHA rotary furnace oven adopts special air duct design, ensure hot air convection, uniform temperature distribution in the furnace, fully meet the requirements of different seasons on baking quality.

Today, the French club is not only the love of the French people, but also has its "admirers" all over the world, and the secret of making it all over the world is industrial production.


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